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"Create a Caption" for the following picture. Two winners will randomly be chosen out of all the replies. If you spam or use obscenities, you will be eliminated from this contest. The prize is a poster autographed by Tokio Hotel (Unfortunately there is a small tear to the posters in the upper left corner). Please have fun with this as we would like to do more in the future. This contest will close on 03/26/2009 at 10:00am PST.

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Photograper: Ok guys, let's do this !

Gustav : Whatever.

Georg : *Camera wants me, camera wants me*

Tom : Let's just pose already .

Bill : MaHa, and hips and legs and head straight and hands and ... READY
Hawt Vee xD

Vee said:
"FlashNews : sexy Germans have replaced all sources of water! Thirsty anyone??"

Tokio Hotel, reason why they can't seem to stand still? They all have to go to the bathroom..
Bill: *singing in his head to the tune of 'Monsoon'*
Standin in a old pool, lookin so cool.
So glad I'm not wet, or I'd be upset...
What's on Gustav's shirt?
These boots startin to hurt.
But even if I'm bored- they are too!
Tokio Hotel: coming to a pool near you!
Only if it was that easy xD

Jessica Kaulitz said:
Tokio Hotel: coming to a pool near you!
you guys are doing great!!!. i will put a picture of the poster up on our twitter page shortly
Bill: Seriously guys, I know I stand like this a lot but the super glue on the hips is not funny!
Tom: This is my sinister and sexy look, is it working?
George: I'm just crouched like this to act as a cushion in case Bill loses his balance and falls. He can't catch himself with the super glued hands!!
Gustav: Told you the super glue would work. HA!!!

Bill: Hey Gustav, is it ok if I put my foot in front of you? Gustav? Gustav?
Tom: Bill, when does Gustav ever talk?
Bill: I guess you're right. Oh well. STRIKE A POSE!
"Instant Satisfaction.......Just Add Water"



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