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Hi people! Thanks Cherry Tree to give us this place to talk with other fans.
We are Tokio Hotel Italia Fan Club and we need to know how you think about...

What do you expect from the new single?

on our website we have news, updates and more.
We wait for you!
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ohh thanks....Italy loves Tokio hotel!!!!and waiting for you...=)
They have never made us miss nothing to us fans, I am there always, ready to work and to give the best of if' same for us and I also believe me that they are very excited and, I am sure, that would like to know our reaction in to feel their new CD. We now wait for the message of Bill.
I NeVeR KnOw WhAtzZ NexT FrOm TheM BuT I kNoW To ExPeCt ThE BeSt FrOm ThE BaND
ThEy NeVer FaIL tO BrInG ThE BeST FoR ThEiR FaNzZ && Im SuRe ThizZ ALbuM IzZ No DiFfEreNt
-- ThEy WiLl SuRellY TaKe OuR BreAth AwAy && MakE OuR HearTzZ BreAk ThrOugH OuR ChEsT
I CaNnoT WaiT FoR It - ItzZ SuCh A RuSH!
i'm exited !
And i will be happy if the album is findely ready !
i think the new album will be something beyond compare. they always deliver spectacular music, and i know they will with this album:]
I think that will be new sounds... and some fans doesn't like at the first earing...
may be...

but it's normal in every career, all artists need to change.. and our FC likes every change the guys will do!
yes excuse me!! I make a big mistake but now should be better and right, i hope!
thanks.... we don't need troubles.. not to have, not to give.... ^_^
The Ellen Degeneres Campaign for Tokio Hotel
[Fan collabration video]

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