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Tokio Hotel announced today (April 6, 2010) that a new live DVD would be filmed at the Humanoid City Tour concert in Milan on April 12, 2010.

Tokio Hotel America - Official US Fanclub would like to let CherryTree know that there is a demand for this DVD in the US.  We would really appreciate it if the DVD were made available for purchase here.  We would also like to stress that if there are going to be multiple versions of the DVD released, fans in the US would prefer to purchase the deluxe version over the standard version.  We would rather buy the deluxe version from a US vendor and show that Tokio Hotel has a strong fan base here than have to import the deluxe version from another country.

If you would like to purchase a copy of this live DVD when it's released, leave a comment.  Tell CherryTree what you want! :)

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i need this DVD (and deluxe version, thank you) to my Tokio Hotel collection and be a part of the Milan concert until They come to US
I'm dying to get the dvd (preferably deluxe). It would be awesome if you could make this happen ^_^.
I am from one of the U.S. territories, and just like any other Tokio Hotel fan in the US, would love to buy a copy to show our support for band.
Do we want it?? SERIOUSLY?? It's not even a question, but a statement: WE NEED IT. I will buy whatever I can get my hands on in the U.S. but I would most definitely prefer any DELUXE offering. Help us let the guys know how much we love and support them, CherryTree!!
Please please please make the DVD available in the US!!! I wanna buy it so badly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I would certainly buy it!! I bought the TH TV dvd the day it came out and I plan on doing the same with this one. The Double Deluxe version is much preferred!!!!!
Please, please release the DVD here!! Please.

Please ,pretty ... CT we want this DVD in the States!!!!
I'm from one of the U.S.territories& just like any other TH fan in the US, would love to buy a copy to show our support to the band.
Oh HELL yes! I NEED THIS DVD!!!! I'll have one of each format please, whatever ya got going. Thanks CT, know you won't let us down. ;)
PLEASE!!!! We need this DVD in the US!


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