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Tokio Hotel announced today (April 6, 2010) that a new live DVD would be filmed at the Humanoid City Tour concert in Milan on April 12, 2010.

Tokio Hotel America - Official US Fanclub would like to let CherryTree know that there is a demand for this DVD in the US.  We would really appreciate it if the DVD were made available for purchase here.  We would also like to stress that if there are going to be multiple versions of the DVD released, fans in the US would prefer to purchase the deluxe version over the standard version.  We would rather buy the deluxe version from a US vendor and show that Tokio Hotel has a strong fan base here than have to import the deluxe version from another country.

If you would like to purchase a copy of this live DVD when it's released, leave a comment.  Tell CherryTree what you want! :)

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I would love to be able to buy the DVD here to show support of their fanbase in the US
I would totally buy the DVD! A deluxe version would be preferable. But if it is not possible, then I will survive.
I want to purchase the Humanoid City Tour live DVD in the U.S.!!!!
yes deluxe if possible. youtube just does not suffice.
I Would defiantly purchase this DVD, USA loves you TH! Please CherryTree..Please <3
PLEASE PLEASE! I want a copy ;) danke
Yes most diffently, I would like the Delux version for their latest DVD in the USA. Thank you

I would definitely buy a deluxe version. It's too hard and expensive if it's imported :/
I'd buy one in a heartbeat! And, as THA said, if there is a deluxe version available then I'd purchase that one. I'd prefer to buy it from the USA and not as an import from Europe or Canada. It's what I had to do with the Caught On Camera DVD. I really wanted the deluxe version of that but only the standard version was made available in the USA so I had to import it. :( Very inconvenient and, as stated in the post, it takes away from sales numbers of Tokio Hotel products here in the States and therefore makes it seem as though there is less demand for the band and their merchandise, which is just not true.
Yes!!! We want it!!!! *_*
I wanna buy a tour DVD in the USA for once! I'm tired of spending a fortune in order to get it from another country!

And the above comment is right! Many American fans bought the Deluxe Caught On Camera DVD from Canada because it wasn't offered in the States! It took away from TH's sales here, seeming like there aren't many of us in this country, which isn't true! Please, Cherrytree! *begs* The American fans REALLY want this!

Concert DVD, Documentary DVD, Live CD. The more Tokio Hotel the better.



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