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Post all your stories, photo's and videos here from the Tokio Hotel Instore Signgins that took place this week in New York City and Los Angeles

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ok hello everyone i just wanted to say that ill be posting ALL my piics an viids on my youtube page an photobucket page

some pictures i took are already on my twitter page so look for @BiancaKaulitz

ill be back in a few to post some pics =)
ok so i am BACK!!!! an here are some pics of the Tokio Hotel LA signing at Universal City Walk
and for videos please visit my youtube account

haha Scott had his eyes closed in the second one lol
So when i went to the L.A. signing, i fell in love with Bill, until then i wasnt sure if i really loved teh band or iif i was just "oh, ok good music cool people etc, etc," but when they walk out to the tables and like smiled at me i was just like "woah...." i know then right there where i was belonging the rest of my life! Even the band sais "life is all about finding love and feeling it" well i have finally found it, and am feeling it i hope to meet them soon =]



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