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In honor of Bill's ever changing and absolutely amazing style we've teamed up with Hot Topic to run a Tokio Hotel Make-Up competition for all you eager fans. What we want you to do is post both "before" and "after" pictures of your attempts at recreating Bill's new look for yourself on our Cherrytree Records forum. We encourage you to be artistic with the style and adapt the look to suit yourself and if you're feeling extremely creative try to take the look even further!

The winner will receive a $100 gift certificate for Hot Topic, and a Tokio Hotel messenger bag. We also have 4 more Tokio Hotel messenger bags to give away to the runners up. The bags come in two styles, one with the Tokio Hotel logo and another with the bands image on.

The competition will run from May 11th until May 25th. You may send in as many entries as you have time to create.

Good luck, and we look forward to seeing you all rocking Bill Kaulitz's unique style. Please read the terms and conditions, and click the buttons below to continue.

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Here's my step into the future for Bill's make up!!! I love you Bill!!!!!!!!! Pick Me Pick ME PICK MEEEEEEEEEE BITTE!!!!!!!!!!!


After #1

After #2



This is my thank you to Tokio Hotel (for being as awesome as they are), To cherry tree records (for making this contest), and to Hot topic (for being my favorite stores to shop at)
These are my entries! :D I have 2 of them!

No makeup at all. Just shadows from the lack of light.

Style 1: Luminecent and Cute
[IMG][/IMG] With eyes open
[IMG][/IMG] With eyes closed
[IMG][/IMG] More Detail of Design

Style 2: Kaulitztastic
[IMG][/IMG] With Eyes Open
[IMG][/IMG] With Eyes Closed
[IMG][/IMG] Closeup of makeup

There you go! :D
Whee!!! Before and after:
Hopefully I'll be entering two looks but I am pushing it to the last minute to get the 2nd entry finished up so we'll see.

I dedicate the beaded braids to Schnee. ;-)



Good Luck Everyone! :D
Here is my daughter's 5th Make up entry.

Thank You!

Before and after
Here is my daughter's 6th makeup entry.

Thank You!

Before and after

This contest is now closed. Thank you to everybody who entered. Keep an eye on Cherrytree for the results coming soon!



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