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Bill please don't smoke it will damage your body and your looks. It is a terrible thing, don't kill yourself slowly. You will know once you stop the benefits on your body and you will feel happier/ healthier. It may look cool but it totally ain't good for you. It will also damage your vocals, it smells vile, it pollutes the air, it will effect your throat surgery, it is bad for the earth and others/ your dogs lungs around you, it even may lead to cancer.

Please stop. We want Bill Kaulitz to still look and sound great.


Please Don't Smoke.

I am not trying to put you off of it and I am not stopping you from what you want to do, you still have time as you are so young and so handsome, we don't want this dirty habit to ruin Bill to his full potential. You are happy and healthy as you are a twin. The Aliens don't want to see Bill Kaulitz and his brother deteriorate.

Bill and Tom Kaulitz, we know you have great hearts. You have hearts of gold, you help animals, promote safe sex and give money to charity, you are loyal to your fans/friends/family. We are just concerned about your health, just be careful with smoking. I'm sure you already know.

This is truly from the heart, just hope you get this. And make that change. 

It just worries me personally as I have lost close people in my life due to smoking and passive smoking, and I am a huge fan of Tokio Hotel. It makes me sad to think this will happen to you, smoking is really effecting me. 

It is basically slow motion suicide to your body. Just think about it. Your poor lungs having to digest smoke. I know everyone dies, but let this not be due to smoking.

Love from 6 concerned Aliens :(

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