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You recommend any good protein I'll houses state whey protein like I said I don't have a specific line on head before I head his mother decided to splurge and get some expensive protein and I'll of nutrition I got this delicious strawberry you get the money go get that taste good developed a love I'm no I don't let alone I was like to have a work-up harming on I'll when I found the view that the you I was with a guy named Mike gave you and guy named Devin Smith are I've learned a lot from both that’s great thing about haven't partners on you learn a lot from you Rejuveneye know that mean you can learn too much about finished so you know oh I've learned a lot from both of them and whatever back home I work out without me seven and has the termite to best friends growing up and I'll so I and you know and good thing about having a workout partner man this is especially true I'll you if you have not really bring intone day if you're not really into no brain you have to because you account you know I mean they hold you cap so if I I'm not really feeling a one-day bus at.

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