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The scenes haven't all the time should America like really polarized itself like half American really liked me and agree with me and have America really hated me people were pretty mean they were meaner than I was on the show another about a whole gay thing yeah as a whole bunch for that I'm not he I got a lot of Commons about being and homosexual on the show I'm not I'm not mad microphone within the hour over year generously are your I really want honesty in them again opening they want a crime additionally mine in little bit away as you know I'm sure everyone feels the same way or has felt the same way at some point in their career am I no one's John the opportunity today a like someone that matters and I said it to America is a pretty big deal I guess I said my could tell me in trouble the mouth government travel now I know what not to say on TV I do regret what I said I do regret I mean I was and I've learned that being a diva is anal-in-one Accenture here just to be in far southern bad farm you to frost southern peach I'm looking for a job anybody's William anybody hiring me on this pretty face at the register holy to home totally down from coming up want to remember surgery right away I'm gonna pay for it all right now is had offered more how have some %hutches most epic employees handle the biggest rewards and later I don't know what to do with some people I just want face I'm okay we catch up with the most outrages employees in Undercover Boss history Nanjing here you on you on mathematically it's a planned this weekend manners and Anna over the years bosses who have gone undercover have met employees that struggled on the right now at the pica of your pants and many CEO shave found ways to help I'm going to make you 1rr fire fresh franchises sending.

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