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I would really like to know if Tokio Hotel is making a video, because when the Official page was open stated that it was going to put the launch date of the new video...

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I think they have not because I have been uploaded in the website and have not uploaded the new video
I don't think they are u.u
nobody knows.. =(
it would be awesome to know where and about what the video is ^^ but till now there aren't news ^^
mmmm. i don´t think so i mean i hope but..... :/
They have to release the single first & then a video will be an option, but before the single come out i dont think that is very possible
They are but the single wont be released until the end of this month, the new videos they upload are the kareoki videos. sorry for my spelling. the album will be released in september or october.
mmh.. i don't know =(
I heard that they will start shooting their new video in like 3 weeks :)
it would be so awesome to see a new CD =]
Thank you for asking this! It got me all excited again to think that soon there will BE a new video! <3
Well they're new single isn't going to be out until September...
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