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This new album!!!!! Who else is a fan? I feel like screaming I LOVE IT THAT MUCH.

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Rabbit H***... if it was perfume with notes of other artists, this has a touch of Gwen, but just the smallest touch. And those drums behind the song... Also a hint of Bow Wow Wow. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

Oh yes, I am going to give my opinion on every song.

Marlboro Lights... starting off soft and sweet. A smoky voice, sounds like a sad dong. I mean sad song. Sad dong, what would that be?

So evocative. I feel like I could be this girl, sitting alone on a fire escape, remembering the smell of his cigarettes. Yes. That should be the video.

A song to believe that maybe that one you love could come back. I feel like crying remembering my Marlboro Lights love.

WOW! These high notes. Good job NK!

The ending is perfect. She is trying to convince herself that she could not be better.

Trouble. More marching band goodness.

Okay, since my brain hears music in video. Let's make her a baton twirler at the front of a marching band. Red uniform. Big white hat with gold tassels. White boots, baton with fire on the ends. But not on a football field. Walking through a bunch of Los Angeles neighborhoods with the marching band behind her. And people peeking from behind their curtains. And as she walks, her boots and white hat glow brighter and brighter. We pan out and watch the light of her going through the streets like a comet.


Sirens. Footsteps. Static. Liberace riffs.

This just changed into a different song. I hear kazoos.

This is a rebel anthem.

Problem. Sorry I would like to write, but I had to get up and dance like a wild women.

Girl is a PROBLEM.

Songs that have the lyric vandal and damsel make me happy. *clapping*

That girl is g=d damn problem THAT GIRL IS A G=D DAMN PROBLEM

I am not sure how I would storyboard this one.

I think in a bar. Maybe Coyote Ugly Style

Stop Me.

Let's reprise the taxi dancer as seen in Pat Benatar's video Love is a Battlefield as where they meet. She's a little poor and slightly trashy, but still classy. She is wearing Jeffrey Campbell shoes.

I need this video in my thread.

LOVE HER! Have been a fan since 2011!



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