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Robyn is completely amazing in every respect of the word. Her music evokes emotion while her sick beats create a danceable sound. Haven't seen her in concert? The most incredible small venue I've ever been to.
Why do I love Robyn? A better question is "why wouldn't I love Robyn?" I love that some of the most amazing pop music I've ever heard is coming from Sweden. I love slipping Robyn tracks on every mix CD I make and then getting raves from friends. I love her hair.
Robyn has an amazing voice and a fearless but humble attitude. That makes it easy for me to love her.
I love Robyn because her music makes my soul shiver.
I adore Robyn.

Am from the uk and the first ever single i ever bought was robyn : show me love.

that made me fall in love with robyn voice and music, i love how she has changed her style and became her own, and not some manufactored pop singer.

Robyn's last album was simply breathe taking and be mine, is so classic, listen to it at least once a day.

Body talk pt 1 is amazing , in love with fembots, cant wait to see her live again, i had the chance to go and see her at heaven this week, and am so mad that the tour dates so far are only in america.

hurry up and get to the uk robyn.

much love x
ID LOVE TO BE A MEMBER. "Show me love" narrated my teenage years, and now her self-titled album & Body Talk narrate my 20's. I'm seeing her live for the second time in July and taking a couple of friends that i've introduced to her. CANT FREAKING WAIT.
I cannot belive that Robyn's album only got to number 47 in the uk charts...are you serious !!!
She's amazing! There's no one like her.
Robyn is the most fearless fembot there is. She's the unproclaimed queen of pop. Love love love
I Love Robyn So Much , Every Time I Have A Gig It could Be any type Of Party I Make sure I always Play A Track By Robyn. She rules
I first heard a song from Robyn, I was working @ H&M and the music was playing and I emidiatelly loved it!! I went fast upstairs to read the name of the artist on the music recorder!! Ans so I got to know Robyn!! I<3 her! Her music so good, you can dance, chill and just do everything with her music!! I <3 ROBYN!!! Cheers, SBC!
I love Robyn because she's unique. She's not afraid of doing things her way.
She has an incredible voice and her music is awesome.
And she has done so many great things with Unicef and i love the shirts she designed for Fashion Against AIDS last year.



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