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I Love Robyn becuz she's Swedish. Not only that, she's unbelievably talented. That's why.. : )
I wanna "I <3 Robyn" pin to show my true love for Robyn! I saw her twice in LA and can't wait to see her again. :-)
It's time to me to join now! Finally!
Why I love Robyn? Does that need an explanation? ..Well.. Okay then. She's talented, she makes awesome music. She have made progress and grown so much in this whole time I've known her (since 2002). Haven't seen her on stage but I've heard she's awesome on there too.
her voice is incredible!!!! love her style too, so dope!
I fell in love with her voice when I heard "What it Takes" and played my "Robyn is Here" cassette until I wore it out. When I first heard "Be Mine" two years ago I was captivated from the first note and found every song she'd ever done on Youtube. I've spent the last two years seaching Ebay and Amazon and every place CD's are sold and now have all four of her albums INCLUDING the two that weren't sold outside of Sweden AND a Swedish copy of Robyn to compliment the American one I already own. I own a PERSONALLY autographed CD single of "Be Mine" and want to scream like a teenaged girl on the rare occasions when she responds to something I wrote on Twitter.
I love her voice and I'm inspired by her LOVE of what she does. When she got started who took a tiny blonde from Sweden singling R&B seriously? She MADE audiences and critics take note. She's an inspiration to ANYONE who wants to live their dream. In me Ms. Robyn Miriam Carlsson has a fan for life.
i got my pin yesterday :] guys you just don't know..i was SUPER EXCITED :] thank you cherrytree for allowing me the chance to receive it && for the two stickers that came along with keeping the envelope forever LOL
i <3 you robyn!!
Can I just ask How can anyone not LOVE Robyn. The inovation and genious behind the music is just untouchable.
Bryan J Troiano said:
Can I just ask How can anyone not LOVE Robyn. The inovation and genious behind the music is just untouchable.

Next time you invite friends over and are listening to music sneak in some of her stuff. Invariably they'll ask..."Who is that?" The girl has skills.
love her cause i saw her live in weho. amazing!!
Saw her twice and met her both times outside both shows in NY and Boston. Shes is just Brills.
I love Robyn for being a one of a kind artist in my life time! No other singer/artist has braNched out the way she has in my opinion. Her voice is so distinctive and full of emotion...I can say her music made some of the hard times i was going through not seem is one of the gratest gifts and i thank her for giving it! I LOVE ROBYN!
I like Robyn becuase she has many facets in her music. She is a bit hard and soft, sometiems comforting or hard core. Her voice lends out to many other groups and yet she sounds teriffic. i Have been a fan since she put out "show me love". Since then her voice as been a magnet to me. Keep up the great work ROBYN !!!!



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