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I LOVE Robyn.

That's all that needs to be said
Do I <3 Robyn??? Is that even a question?? OF COURSE,, Robyn owns my heart!! From her chill songs back in the 90's like "Show me love"and the eclectic club scene melody of "Electric", to the more tainted imagery of played out chicks in "Crash and Burn Girl" and songs that move foward like "With every heartbeat",, I've followed Robyn still to this day. I remember a couple of years ago walking into a music store and seeing no Robyn on the shelves. I immediately requested that they get a nice lineup of cd's on the counters, past and present. Today that store keeps your face alive on the inside. Your songs have taught me how much of a fool others are in relationships, lifted my spirits when i was down, and made me groove whenever i needed to move. I thank you for being such an inspirational person who isnt afraid to be edgy, daring, or different. I LOVE YOU ROBYN and anyone who doesnt needs "A change of heart" ;]
Robyn is feminine and very strong...a deadly combination. :) She's sexyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :D :D :D
I love Robyn because playing "with every heartbeat" gets me so much tail! - MC
Konichiwa B******! I have supported Robyn since "Show Me Love" and have followed her through the years alot of people in the USA thought she stop singing after "Robin Is Here" because her 2nd album "My Truth" was too earthy and spiritual and unlike her previous sound but she was only making her mark in the music business and expressing where she came from and her roots and alot of people did not like that but you have to understand Robyn to truly know her and why she does what she does after that I feel even more in love with her I knew she was truly unique and it was a disappointment that the USA music business let her go and was only known in her home town unless you are a true Robyn fan!
I started collecting all her albums, singles, promos etc. for many years they was just something about her, you knew she was big and something and really worked hard on everything she done and it really showed in her music.
I am really glade she came back to the USA to make her mark once again and show that she did not go anywhere and has been here the whole time it was not by choice that she was removed from us and she came back to show us love and that she has not forgot about her US fans that made her who she is today and that is why I love her so much and that she really cares about her fans!
Theres so many reasons to love her and I cannot think of any reason not to!
She has worked hard for what she has and she kept trying and never gave up and now she's back and better then ever since she has broke free and is doing what she wants to do and her own thing, once again ROBYN IN HERE!

Attachments: Photo Of My Robyn CD Collection! ;)
Click "download.jpg" (photo will open in a new window)
I have been a fan of Robyn seen the begining. She has been herself and true to music. I love her and she is the best.
I love Robyn because when I listen to music, I need something that I can dance too. Unfortunately, most artists today that perform this type of music use cheesy sexist lyrics. Robyn's music is uplifting as well as danceable, that is why I love her!
I have loved Robyn since the first time I heard "Show Me Love." Her acapello songs on her first album are outrageous and empowering! I was super sad when I hadn't heard anything from her in awhile, and in 2008 when her Robyn album came out I was so pumped! She even came on tour to NYC!!! Her new album was phenomenal and full of talent. Why is she not rockin' next to Rihanna in the charts??? Can't wait for this next album. Hope she comes back to NYC. XOXO Robyn!
I love Robyn cuz she's dope and has been consistently good for 15 years! That's some staying power! I used to wait for Show Me Love to play on the bus everyday on the way to school...that's how I knew it was going to be a good day.
I love Robyn because of her music is diverse and unique
wow that was super fast! i sent in my button thing on may 3rd and i received my button today pretty sweet! thanks and i cannot wait for her new album!
I recently saw her on a tour with Royksopp in LA, she was Amazing!! "The Girl and the Robot" was specially written for her. so luv, luv, luv her <3<3 Robyn come back to LA



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