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I love robyn so much. I just wish i had heard her most recent stuff (before the body talk era) sooner so i could have seen her concert in NYC! Her music is just so completely different from anything out there. I found out about the last CD by randomly picking up a DETAILS magazine with an interview with Robyn in it. Best idea ever. Love the last CD, love everything i've heard from the upcoming body talk pt. 1, have bought all the buzz singles so far. If you come to the US, i'll be there!
I have loved Robyn ever since I was in middle school and she released her album "Robyn Is Here." I fell in love with her first single "Do You Know What It Takes" and then subsequent singles "Show Me Love" and "Do You Really Want Me?" She disappeared for a while and then I discovered she was still making music overseas and so I purchased "My Truth," "Don't Stop the Music" and her "Robyn" albums from I was astounded! She is truly one of a kind and i'm glad she is still making great music. I am a fan for life.
Robyn's beats blows my mind like none other. They make me want to dance and float away. She is by far my favorite, EVER. I LOVE ROBYN.
-Joseph Birdsong
I love Robyn cuz she's a fierce independent, a spitfire performer and a supremely talented songwriter. The world is better with her in it.
I love Robyn because soon as she gets inside she loses herself in the blinding lights.
Thank you everybody that's written here and emailed me so far!

For our new members, make sure to leave your message here saying why you love Robyn, then email me on [email protected] with your user name, full name and postal address and we'll send you a few "I <3 Robyn" pin (whilst stocks last).

You can also call in to the I <3 Robyn line and leave a voicemail message that could get played on Details and the phone number are at the top of this page in the main post.

I <3 Robyn!!
In My Heart, i keep it all together - er!! Robyn has been sharing her genius since that debut album back in '95 or '97 depending on where U lived....

Can't wait to see her again in concert...

3 new songs already??!!!!! That was really smart to release all... A friend of mine said he likes ALL 3 new songs!!!

Love U Robyn!!!
I love Robyn because she does whatever she wants and she does it her own way. From her live shows to her label to her tracks, everything's got ROBYN stamped all over it. It's almost like a guarantee of quality. I love her for her creativity and her originality and I love her for her genius.
Robyn is the baddest b**** on the block! I WANT A PIN!!!! CAN'T WAIT FOR BODY TALK!!!!
Robyn is amazing and Awesome towards her fans!! Her music is original and her shows are the Best!! How can't you love her?! Can't wait for a new tour!!
Miss Robyn is the FONKiest, bad a** sister that I never had...beautiful, eloquent, super-strong and I want to be just like her!!! Thanks for the wonderful tunes and kick a** melodies, they make me get jam-on regularly....peace out, love you <3
How do I love Robyn? I can't even BEGIN to count the ways! I became a fan way back in middle school because "Do You Know (What It Takes)" was quite possibly one of my overall favorite tracks of the '90s; then I tumbled headfirst back in love when I was preparing to launch my pop music blog and a friend bombarded me with all of the brilliant stuff from "Robyn" and Rakamonie and reignited my appreciation hundreds of times greater than before. No one else would have the balls or the goods to have the wrenching realism of "Be Mine," the electro mastery of "Cobrastyle" and the irreverent satire of "Konichiwa B******" on the same album, and kill it in anything close to the way Robyn does. Then on the new tracks from the upcoming Body Talk series, for which I am disgustingly excited, she keeps killing, making technology actually seem temptingly sexy or doing Dancehall so well that no one cares she's a short blonde Swede rather than a jammin' dark-skinned Caribbean reggae gal.

Basically, Robyn is so effing awesome that unlike the deluded divas whose "I'm the s***" songs she mocks in "Konichiwa B******," everything she says in that track is as true as the color blue. She's so very hot that if she robbed my mansion I wouldn't call the cops OR the fire station...she could have my checkbook, Visa and my Mastercard too. Ain't no price to pay for what she do.



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