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This is the home of the 'I Love Robyn' club - show your love and appreciation for Robyn and her music, right here!

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If you leave a post below explaining why you love Robyn and then email [email protected] your snail mail address referencing the name on your post, you'll receive an I Love Robyn Club membership pin (while supplies last).


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For your chance to be heard on call 1-310-773-3539 and leave a message telling us why you love Robyn. We'll pick the best messages we receive and your message could be one that becomes featured as part of the 'I Love Robyn Club' radio spot exclusively on Cherrytree Radio.

The number to call is 1-310-773-3539.

(Please get permission from the billpayer of the house before making any calls.)


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Hi Robyn- testing this thing ..don't know how it works
When will member application be available?

sign me up.
Robyn's the bomb.
<3 Robyn FTW
I love Robyn because she is one of a kind not a copycat... I always respect real people.. Real People understand real people that's why I love Robyn.. Thanks Robyn for keeping it real..
i love robyn because she is a ~scientifically advanced hot mama~ who is a bad a** for doing her own thing and not being boxed in by genres or styles. major kudos! 2010 is the year of robyn, konichiwa b******! :D
i love robyn becuase she is pushing her own brand of music right now and the hooks are amazing.
I love Robyn because she's original, has a great voice and is her own person :)
robyn come to san diego!!!
Who doesnt love Robyn? XD
i ♥ Robyn
her music is amazing!!
Not loving Robyn, is like not loving ice cream
if you don't, you're missing out on an amazing experience

She always keeps you guessing when it comes to her music
I can't wait to see what she'll do next. ♥
I absolutely love Robyn! :) Hopefully she comes to NY soon!!



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