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I <3 ROBYN!!!! Saw her last year in San Francisco and got to meet her and I think I scared her because I was starstruck by her! I even told her "YOU ARE BADASS! YOU ARE BADASS!" and she just kept staring at me like "ookay" lol but I don't regret it. She puts on one hell of a performance! During the show she made eye contact with me and I was making a face to her and we danced while staring at each other! Please choose me for the I <3 Robyn club!
Sure we all love robyns music, its great. but furthermore she is
 super adorable and extremely cute not to mention intelligent and
 brave... oh boy I maybe on the losing side of an amazing infatuation. se la vie

Robyn,How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.....

I love Robyn because I have been a fan every since her video " do you know (what it takes)" premiered on Mtv in the US..back in 1997 i think it was..she is simply amazing..sadly i have never seen her live yet but that hopefully will change this year

Honestly, I never was quite so into Robyn's music, but I guess our musical tastes change! I looked up her song "Fembot" after recognizing her name when it was featured on an Entertainment Weekly magazine "must list" and absolutely loved it, which made me research more of her music. Long story short, I'm a huge fan now, so yes... I (100%) <3 Robyn! lol :D



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