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I love Robyn because She is Awesome, Sweet, Pretty, Original, fierce, Her moves on the stage, her beautiful eyes, Hey short hair, Her uniqueness and more. Went to see her perform three times this weekend. Two nights at her concert in San Fran and one acoustic concert at a record store and the best part is that we got first rows on two shows. My sister and I got very lucky to enjoy Robyn for a weekend!

Robyn absolutely owns the stage. I love Robyn because she is fierce and makes the best pop music on the planet!

I am a fan for life!

her voice makes my heart sing - my #1 queen of pop
I <3 robyn because she can make me dance the hurt away...
I love Robyn because she has the ability to be a pop chameleon. Her songs and music will always be around and I love the fresh music she brings throughout the years. Her creativity never seems to die and her lyrics have more substance than many pop artists who have come and go. She's awesome!! I can't wait to hopefully see her in Philly this upcoming week!
i love robyn because i flew from canada to LA to watch her concert and it was 100% worth it! yay!
I like Robyn, because it is unique. I love his songs especially "Be Mine", "Dancing On My Own" it looks like they were written for me lol
I also like her style, I'm jealous of her haircut so I'd like to have the same but that does not fit me = p
I was anxious hear the new album, I'm not disappointed =) I'm just more like a fan
this girl is gold, she rules
ps: sorry if my English is not good I'm French =/
I love Robyn because she is funny and catchy and original! :)
to me, robyn is a muse. from her hair, to her musical influences, right down to her love for Alexander Wang, she is absolutley incredible. theres only a select few artists who really touch on people's emotions and robyn's one of them. her music has helped me out through such difficult times in my life. i hope she sticks around a lot longer than most artists do these days.
I love Robyn because she is a true artist with real talent and no one can f****** tell her what to do!
I <3 Robyn because she is a true artist and no one can f****** tell her what to do!!!
...because literally EVERY THING the woman has put out is brilliant.



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