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Robyn is the most talented scandinavian artist of our time! Her Body Talk triologi is one of the best albums ever! I LOVE ROBYN
I love Robyn because "Be Mine!" is classic!
I have LOVED Robyn since I was young and she was killin' the airwaves with 'Show Me Love'. Now that I am older and Robyn has made the move into her own label and music style....she has become one of my favorite artist of this decade..possibly my lifetime! Robyn is simply amazing and I look forward to her 'Killing Me' with all her rockin' 'Dancehall Queen' tactics. ROBYN IS THE SH*T!!! That is all. :-)
Im listening to Body Talk right now... its amazing.

I was just becoming a fan of Robyn when Body Talk pt 1 came out, and now I must say... I AM HOOKED!
I CANT WAIT to see what she comes out with next!

-alllll i neeedddd is a timmmeee machineeee-
Robyn just has that something "special" and she's found a brilliant way of connecting her music to her fans. She manages to be a pop star who you can relate to, see yourself living next door to, and has a warmth rarely matched.
I LOVE ROBYN because she makes the sickest illest beats i've ever heard, and she's the baddest chick in the game. Love you, Baby! xoxoxo-Andy

I like Robyn...i really like there music...itscool





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Can i be one of the members?
I <3 Robyn because her music is awesome. They are full of emotions and still so good to dance to. I <3 dat she's so down to earth, so energetic on stage and her new way of releasing materials. I hope i have 3 albums from Robyn every year.
I want to be a member of the I Love Robyn club because Robyn is the most killingest popstar evah.  She rocks on her album and she rocks even more live... and she rocks those leggings and stacked Timberlands while spazzing out on stage like the world's best deranged dancer! :)  In short, Robyn can do no wrong, and I love her to pieces.
hello, I <3 robyn. I'm 38 and I've never been a fan before. I rediscovered Robyn last year and since I'm totally a fan. I was completely Amazed every time I saw her in gig. (luxembourg, london, brussels) and I am impatient to see her again this summer in festivals and at bristol and manchester in september!!!!!

Hi there!

I am from Austria and trying to get the Cherrytree Sessions with Robyn on Itunes.

I wanted to purchase the track in the american store but Itunes wont let me.

Is there any other possibility to get the tracks?

Please help me, cheers.





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