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I heart Robyn because that b**** has fly a** hair!
i love robyn because her music is uplifting, interesting, beautiful, thoughtful, inspiring, catchy, intimate, innovative, powerful, fearless, engaging, heartfelt, gut-wrenching, fun, open-minded, danceable, beat-driven, soulful, forward, blunt, reflective, sincere...
oh... and and putting out three albums in one year is INSANE!!!
I love Robyn because she is so super cool and creative ... I've been a fan since she released her very first album in the early '90s ... and I still love her music
I love Robyn with all my heart. The first time I heard her voice I was stunned and from that day I can't take my eyes off her and I can never stop listening to her music. She is everything to me.
I love Robyn so, so much! She is such a talented, amazing woman, and sometimes so under-rated.
I went to see her live this year, and she was arguably the best artist I have ever seen perform live, and I had the best experience at her concerts (bearing in mind that she is beating Rihanna and Pet Shop Boys here, aha). I really, really hope she tours the UK again with Body Talk, and I'm so excited for it to be released here! ;D
I love Robyn sooooo much enough to see her in concert and have her sweaty towel thrown at us because she isn't afraid to be herself. With all of the mainstream music and personalities out there now, Robyn is standing tall, rising against the others because she's unique and just an amazing person! <3 :)
she´s been an inspiration since i was 14!!!
i love robyn because she will be mum of my future children!
i love her hair, is my inspiration!
Why I LOVE Robyn: words can't explain. I first heard her song 'Konichiwa B******' in a store somewhere and i was like "wtf is this?" but little did i know, i kept saying the lines "konichiwa b****** from beijing to saigon" for the last weeks, it was stuck in my head. So i googled those exact lines to see who the artist was. Robyn! She had the dopest hair cut ever and thank god for YOUTUBE, because weeks later i was glued on my computer listening to her music and four years later; I still think she's one of the uncredited artist of our generation. Robyn is creative, talented and CAN sing and entertain crowds; something most artists cannot do... I just LO♥VE ROBYN!
I love Robyn long long long long time <3 she truly is amazing. Her live performances are incredible. As much as her fans love her... she gives that love right back along with her love for music.
I love robyn because she is never afraid to speak out and be radical. Maybe if she says fck on her album then it will have a parental advisory sticker! She dont care, music is music like it or not. She eats a f***** banana while she sings whats not to like????i think robyn is on my top 3 fave artits list ( natalia kills and lady gaga r the other two) and i hope i get a pin!



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