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What is this about?

Hallo ppl from ALL OVER THE WORLD!

I got this idea (last year) that, as fans, we could celebrate a TH holiday. So, I made a group: TOKIO HOTEL INTERNATIONAL DAY on a ning site.
The thing is, I really want this to be projected to the highest level and I started the group on two more sites. I have tried to get it officialy known, but I never get an answer :(
(Do you have David Jost's e-mail? haha)

Now I'm going to try it again, posting this here, on Cherrytree Records' site

Why am I telling u this? Because I need your help!

If I post a letter or whatever, they're just going to think I'm a crazy girl from a country they didn't know that existed lol. So instead of it, I want them to see that there are a looooot more of crazy girls (and boys) who want this.

I don't know, could you sign? o_o
Then I'll write a letter and add all of the signatures to post it here on CTR and other places you propose.


Your Name (country)

If by any chance you have signed in one of the other sites, please don't do it here again.


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Ashley (USA)
Cynthia (Canada)
Aimee Pemberton (NEW ZEALAND)
Http:// <------- New Zealanders Please Join!!!
New Zealand
New Zealand
New Zealand
New Zealand
New Zealand

Hello!, bill, tom, georg, gus, I am a girl of Chilean, and want to ask if one day they realized a concert here in chile
Monica S. (USA - Louisiana)
Cathy M. (USA)
Megan K. (U.S.A)
Brittany V. (USA)
Elise R. (USA)
Jess (Canada)
Brii (New Zealand)



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