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Submitted Questions for Space Cowboy and Cinema Bizarre

On second thought, please submit your questions to Space Cowboy and Cinema Bizarre here rather than on Twitter from now on. I will copy those already submitted here tomorrow.

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Question for Romeo from Cinema Bizarre- As the bands popularity continue to sky rocket, will you still be as close to your fans like before? Like.. sitting down with them.. talking to them.. helping them with their lip rings? Hehe :)
For Cin Biz: With Fame Ball ending, do you think you'd ever have bands open for you? If so, who?

Space Cowboy: Are you a fan of Cowboy Bebop?
questions for Cinema Bizarre
1) Yu, does Kiro kiss nicely?
2) Is there a chance that next time you come to Russia the DJ-set will take place in St.Petersburg?
3) Strify who is the song "my obsession" about? Who is your fetish?
4) If you were offered to star in a movie, who would your character be?
5)Cinema Bizarre on the stage and Cinema Bizarre in a real life - are they too different people?
6) All the song in your new album are about love. Isn't it by chance? Did anyone of you fell in love?
7) Has it ever happened to you that you saw a girl that you really liked at a concert, but you couldn't do anything about it?
8) Do you associate sex with love?
9) Yu,What does a man have to do, in order to call himself proudly "macho" оr "Sex-symbol"?
10)What qualities does a female admirer have to possess in order to conquer your heart? Is it even possible?
11)Do you like LadyGaga as a woman rather than just as a talented performer?
12) Is there virgins among you?
13)Which is more important to you, to love or be loved?
14)How could you describe the last time you had sex? Have you ever had sex once with a fan?
15)Do you read any glamour magazines to have a time to watch closely a fashion?
16)Do fans of America and Europe differ? Where can you feel the greater energy coming from the audience during the concerts?
17)You all have your own style, what do you thing about changing it to the date of the new album release ?
18)How do you feel about fan stories written about you? Have you ever read any?
19)Music for you is, above all, an income or a favorite thing to do? Would you choose for music, if it did not bring you a penny?
20)Does ever happen that the fans really get on your nerves?
Cinema Bizarre:
1.Strify what is main in your life?
2.About what Strify dream when he is far from his motherland?
3.Yu what you most like in Miyavi?
4.Strify what is the present of you fan which will surprise you most of all?
5.Strify what kind of girls you like?
6.Yu how should like your girlfriend??
Question for Cinema Bizarre

Why did you choose these pseudonyms on Twitter ?
Heromancer - Shin cherrybumbum - Gogumba - KiroCullen - Jackstrify... Although the latter two are easier to understand...
for Cinema Bizarre
1)So, Cinema Bizarre, whether you know, what having gone to the USA on a warming up at Lady GaGa's concerts, you dissapointed many fans from Ukraine and Russia?
2)Strify why you have changed the style of your appearance more close to the glamour?
3)Cinema Bizarre, are you going to give in a beautiful city Odessa in Ukraine this year? ^_^ We're all waiting for you =)
My question for Cinema Bizarre: Are you comming back to Norway for an other consert?
Other questions for Cinema Bizarre:
1.Is Luminor ever comming back,or has he quited for good?
2.Are you going to have a fan party in Norway some time?
3.Will you have a naked photo shoot some time?Haha,that would be so hot xD
4.What are your future plans?Just making music,or anything else to maybe?:)
5.This is not actually a question,but more of a suggestion.We Cinema Bizarre
fans would LOVE for you to make live dvd`s,or dvd`s of your lives like Tokio Hotel
This question is for Kiro.....We know that you love the author Stephanie Meyer and read her books.........Have you seen the movie TWILIGHT??????????? and what did you think of the movie, compared to the book??

Love, Melody xoxo
Question for Cinema Bizarre- Will you guys ever work with Luminor again?
**This is a question i posted before, but im going to.. write it again because it didnt make much sense the first time..** Question for Romeo from Cinema Bizarre- As the bands popularity continue to sky rocket, will you still be close to your fans? Like.. sitting down with them.. talking to them.. helping them with their lip rings? Hehe :)
Questions for Cinema Bizarre:
1. If you guys had to do a Canadian Tour, what are some of the cities you'll go to? and Why?
2. Where do you see yourselves in about 11 years?
3. Would you guys ever do a world tour?if yes what are some of the countries?
4. If you had to chose a vacation spot anywhere in the world, where would it be? and why?

Question for Space Cowboy:
1.Why did you chose the name "Space Cowboy"?
I will be recording the Q&A with Space Cowboy today. looking foward to it.



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