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Submitted Questions for Space Cowboy and Cinema Bizarre

On second thought, please submit your questions to Space Cowboy and Cinema Bizarre here rather than on Twitter from now on. I will copy those already submitted here tomorrow.

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Question for Cinema Bizarre- Why are all of you guys so hot? LOL
Space Cowboy:
1.Have you ever ridden a horse??
2.What's the funniest memory so far from touring with Lady Gaga?

Cinema Bizarre:
1.Do any of you sing in the shower??
2.First time touring the U.S. how do concerts here differ from European ones?
Space Cowboy
1. How did you get your name?
2. Who is your dream artist to work with?

Cinema Bizarre
1. What would you be doing if you weren't doing music?
2.What's the craziest thing a fan has done for/to you?
3.Do you have girlfriends, or boyfriends?
4.What's up with this sudden influx of hot German guy bands?
this is for Cinema Bizarre

Have you heard Tokio Hotel would you concerned to meet in person?

And who is your favorite band and What kind of song that you listen to?
Cinema :
How do you guys plan to compensate for not having Luminors gothic toned voice in the band? Is he on the"Toyz" album? and where'd you find Rom3o?
CB: What is your goal as a band? Beside being ridiculously good looking?
YU: Do you have future plans for more tattoos? if so what and where?
Cin Biz:
1. Does Shin still have his cat? If so, who takes care of it while he's on tour?
2. Do you keep houseplants on the tour bus?

Space Cowboy:
Do you feel left out yet?
we have got one main question for guys=)):
Didn't you think to choose an official site in each country,where your album releases? it would be easier for you and fans=)
Cinema Bizarre:


Where did you get the black and red top from?

Are you still obsessed with Spongebob? what about Patrick?

You seem to be a little more involved in the American Interviews, have you gained more confidence while touring in America?

Have you ever considered buying an inflatable Spongebob costume?

Did you end up buying those wacky pink sunglasses at Venice Beach? xD


Strify, your English is brilliant, have you ever thought of learning another language?

You love the Japanese Culture and as a band you admire many Japanese Rock bands, is this where you got the idea of bringing fanservice into your shows?

You have an amazing talent using Photoshop, do you still have the time to create and edit pictures?

If you were left in the London High Street for a week, how much money do you think you would spend?


Is there any guitar that you wish you could own, but could never afford?

Do you know a song that you find so annoying that you have to switch the radio station/skip the song?

What character would you dress up as if you attended a fancy dress party?


You update your Twitter loads!, are you becoming addicted? ;)

I heard you sing on Youtube at the last DJ Party, will you be doing any vocals in Cinema Bizarre?

You seem to have a great relationship with Lady Gaga, do you have a crush on her? ;)

How is your mannequin girlfriend at Venice Beach? Still beautiful?


Kiro you obviously love Twilight, if you were to become a Vampire, what power would you love to have?

You love to draw manga/anime, have you ever thought of drawing your fellow band mates?

About the video on Venice Beach, you easily climbed "the sand mountain" where as Yu who is a damn sight taller slipped, is there a reason for that?


Have you ever considered to recreate Baywatch? You certainly have the moves ;)
ight this one is for Kiro, cause he's probably the only person to understand:

Team Edward, Team Jacob, or Team Switzerland and WHY?
Question for Cinema Bizarre (Kiro):

Hey Kiro! Why do you like Julia Volkova from t.A.T.u., but not Lena? ^ ^

~ M-W_S aka Marky
i have a question for CB
would you ever record a song with a fan ???

love ya



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