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Hey Gang,

I'm excited to say that Robyn is calling in LIVE to The Morning Orchard tomorrow during the show. If you have any questions for her, this is a good place to submit them coz I'll be checking back later tonite and selecting some to ask her. Remember the show runs LIVE tomorrow at 9am Pacific on so pls submit your questions and tune in.


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OMG HI ROBYN!!! My question is.. what inspired you to partake in a musical career? what was your motivation?
Hi Robyn, I have two questions. My first question is what is ur most favorite place u ever went to? My second is if u can talk about the experience u had making the Konichiwa B****es video, did u have fun, anything crazy happen?
Robyn, first of all, I love that you tweeted about Shakespears Sister the other day. I think you'd kill on a cover of Stay.

Are you still the Tetris World Record holder or has your score of 2 gazillion been topped?

Your voice is so amazing and you are able to show SO much emotion and even make us cry, :D
What singer does that to you? Reaches deep inside and grabs you?

Was your Designers Against AIDS shirt the first fashion you had worked on? Do you think you will do more?
Ok here we go... i have 2 little questions for you Robyn.. i hope you don't mind them...

Quest #1 Who are your musical influences as you were growing up and even now?

Quest #2 Coffee or tea? or any?..
Your music sounds like it was influenced by lots of different genres...hip hop, electronica, eighties synth pop. What music are you listening to lately and what would you consider your newest influences?
i love robyn. what do you think about song in russian language? do you like this idea? :)

xxx kellysurprised
What gave you the idea for the Cobrastyle video?
Do you have any rituals or anything when you write a song?
Is Konichiwa Records looking at any artists right now?
Thanks to everybody that submitted questions.

- Martin



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