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 The sup bill no the fruit tree very nice on atactic that what I thought any for me a very healthy toobecause I like you know when somebody gives you like removingcockpits the like even a normal with crappy Mac so but I think we are wanna head over whereback on way home because we're both pretty exhausted a remember have been awake since fivehas been shitty but now with will on the way back a hit upthis wonderful church which has some amazing acabaste European rise like threebecause I have anything so I hope we hope it's open is Sunday so itshould be open there I am level lovely little fountainis big square I don't know what the name the square aswell is quite famous i think is on all the Khyber and here we approach the elusive nightWalker in this mating ritual with fellow nightwalker we've got another found the basin over on it and here we are coming up to it the cheeseand beef and Luigi de France with those that have a French shared I'm marrying you so here we have a car vacuum run on this wrong remand I'm guessing 190 morning not nice is that quite quite some paintings got there always a lot bigger than me are a lot smaller goes one way or theother aerobic for now we're in a supermarket now comepick up some water yeah month thing wow she say still an Italian didn't know things as effervescent day the muslimsdaughter are you can feasible know and I hate youI still no I thought that was ever sent in ataround not responding a sells only this one hand because laying here in silence you knowI'm israel's exhausted yes real until it'sbeen like maybe an hour no no what happened there designed demand for it yeah come here wearing my body is sore losers with semantic Saturday I don't wake uptomorrow early in get some good Greg bias may go way down to the 1910 Mac in 19-game hitting that im so before we even get the food kindacomment on the plastic bags they feel at different they feel smooth a few moreKamat image starting robbery on I like it I like ita lot I wish in this I think it's because i buyregrettable happening Cinda what fourth sponge thing cheese crackers cheese and pepperssavory snack the I got the more a can get and I think they have all A's nice theyshould be and I'll and I got pesca yes good mccarthy's peach juice boxesare nice nice yes him you know just like reallyjust tell sugar happened in there I gotta here nap women anymore can the bother but with said reality in themiddle the cerebellum younger I got myself amiller Elliskin other monitoring with but very in thecoffin skepticism regatta recut cement like a smallrecover them I got these I don't know what their I think it'slike some sort of cottee 10 nappy yeah please like yeah countries like cereal Department of themgood yeah make a clapped and water bottles now andalso this the funky milk in this sort of bottle interesting me worries about this lookthem my will is like for a salami I'vethought no my have them crackers Glenburn I yeah okay seen by tonight rather theirteam I ok like Nohello everybody and we are honored toblock missed a 11 I can't actually believe it I'm last night I slept like I had neverslept before I was exhausted I can't even explain to youI'm still really tired and its kinda early by 8:30 and whatabout the right now I'm trying to clean up a little bit because it is a disaster zone and you'rein one getting started on how much longer I'm doing today I really slacking on the laundry frontso there's there's quite a few this qualitylow the locking up doing today anyway at the moment I'm trying to tackle thedishes and of course I'm watching is Judy and I think they're like damn thing that they'redoing what they're doing deaths after to raise money and it's just absolutelyarea i actually admire watch a few in showsthat it is low I just watched Veggie Tales sister anyway so I'm gonna do the dishesnow show open up my an Advent Calendar not this one no chocolate I'm this werean because I got a couple that I think openalready open at number nine.

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