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Hello all, I just thought that if you're interested in something that's different on every track, check out my CD called "Eclectic Guitar" which features original soundtrack music from Hollywood/Lionsgate Entertainment film "Full Clip" which I co-wrote, edited, mixed and mastered. There are a few cuts on there from the movie, plus there is other movie soundtrack type music, slide guitar, blues, ragtime solo guitar which is all one take, no overdubs featuring three independent parts which hopefully sound like more than one musician playing the songs. There are also songs on this CD that are acoustic instrumentals with string sections, R&R music with vocals, country rock, and funk. It's all there in one bundle and most people seem to like it very much. 


I was asked to join the Jerry Garcia Band back when Jerry sadly passed away but due to a broken back, had to say no to the gig. Since then I've played with dozens of legendary musicians, Grammy Award winners, R&R Hall of Fame members, and have produced award winning A Capella CDs, award winning TV jingles for AT&T cable, and of course movie soundtrack work. I am also a publisher and we have people on the charts right now. One is #4 on the UK charts and he's #12 on the US FM and internet radio charts. 


We also have a non-profit school of music technology that is both locally attended and internet web casting capable. We are a corporation that is still in formation and right now we are looking for 35 donors who can spare $20 each so we can afford the state's filing fees which are a whopping $850. From there we are in business and ready to roll with Grammy Award winning teachers, and many others all of the sam caliber. This school is non-profit for several reasons, the main ones are so we can give something back to the communities around the world and especially in the US where this type of schooling is very expensive, at least 20-30K per semester. Our other reason is to help mentor players, engineers, producers, etc, who want real schooling from real world professionals at a greatly reduced rate. It's a great thing for music in general and we surely could use your support. You can go to for more information or to make a donation. There are contact links there and even though the site is not quite done yet, there are ways to donated via a shopping cart or paypal to scott goldberg. We can't use our corporate checking account yet, until we get out papers filed and receive our state tax ID number. Kind of ironic, isn't it?


At any rate, you'd be contributing a little for a great cause and if you think about it, who better to teach music technology or general music but by the top people in the business? Personally, I am a certified Pro Tools instructor and we have several others who fit the bill for all topics, instruments, and classes that are part of our other regular school of music which entail instrumental training in most all instruments, arranging and threory and harmony.


That's about it. I know that's a lot of information but you are all welcome to either comment on it or get in touch with me at any time. Please check out the CD on Scott Goldberg's site called "Eclectic Guitar" and see how that rings your bell. There's a lot more where that came from, but it's all I have time for at the moment with the school and band tours coming up. Another day I guess!

Many thanks for your patience and willingness to read this mess.


Scott Goldberg

Gold Recordings

Songs of Gold Publishing

The SF Roadsters "All Star" Band

The Royal Academy or Sherwood Forest School of Music Technology

[email protected],


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