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I'm not sure how many Rec'rs visit the forum as most of us like to blabber away in the chatroom but I thought this would be a fun idea.

I love hearing new music or music by unsigned or not so well known artists and I know a lot of others do to, especially when those artists are extremely talented! I thought we could all do with a thread for sharing those little pearls found in the big blue sea.

At the moment my favourite unsigned act are two scruffy scamps from England called Fran and Josh. I can't describe their music - and neither can they. It's a sort of summer pop/flamenco/reggae acoustic guitar thing they have going on and if anyone can play an acoustic guitar it's them. Josh's songwriting ability just sweeps me away.

Josh was one of the cast on a MTV UK show called Living on The Edge, a sort of UK version of The Hills so they have a little interest already as it followed the band to a certain extent as they were beginning out.

If you like your music light, catchy and mesmerising to watch then I think they could be your new favourite act.

Here's their promo vid, the song starts just after a minute in. 

And yes, one day they'll be huge.

Mari Boom Boom.

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Ok, even though nobody seems interested in this thread, I shall carry on regardless!

My new favourite band are Sons of Admirals. Sons Of Admirals are four lads, Alex Day, Charlie McDonnell, Eddplant and Tom Milsom, who live in Britain but have grown up on the internet. Based in London, each member of the band is a global youtube star - views for their individual youtube channels top 100 million and between them they have more than 830,000 youtube subscribers. To help put this in context – Lady Gaga’s official youtube channel has just over 330,000 subscribers. Infact, Charlie is the top subscribed youtube user in the UK with over 500,000 subscribers.

Interested yet?

Having already successfully released singles and albums as solo artists and in various collaborations the four friends, who met on youtube, are releasing their first single as “Sons Of Admirals”. Whilst their solo records comprise original recordings, the band have chosen to record Cat Stevens’ 1967 hit ‘Here Comes My Baby’ - “we like the idea of coming together to do something different to our solo projects and so we are recording great songs by established artists who our fans might not know, yet” explains Alex.

"I thought ‘Here Comes My Baby’ has a fantastic melody and a timeless quality that would be a solid basis for building something new," said Tom Milsom, who arranged and produced the single. Asked to characterise the sound, Tom replied, "I'd call it something like 'accessible steam-punk pop'. But all we really wanted to do was make it as good as possible.”

"This isn't a lead singer with a backing band,” added Eddplant. “Instead, we're trading off the lead among all four of us, and we all combine for the backing harmonies."

The video that launched the single was written and directed by band member Charlie McDonnell and launched on his YouTube channel, charlieissocoollike, the most subscribed channel in the UK. “I wanted to introduce each of the members and give the band a kind of 'origin story’,” said Charlie. The video for ‘Here Comes My Baby’ has already had more than [b]2 MILLION VIEWS.[/b]

Here Comes My Baby’ will now be released as a digital bundle with an acoustic version of the single and a brand new video. The video will be directed by Charlie and the fans are deciding what the lads will be doing in the video! It will also feature the band’s version of the theme from the cartoon show ‘Arthur’ which has been causing major excitement on their websites since it was announced.

Radiopromotions Management's Steve Betts has teamed up with Stuart Love, a former A&R executive for Columbia and Warner Brothers in the US, to drive the project forward.

Here's the video, it's very DIY and I think that's what I love most about this band, they're not afraid to be different.

And while I love Sons of Admirals, I can't make this without posting my favourite videos from each of the artists individually because at the end of the day, they're solo artists.

This is an original song by Eddplant called 'Hush.' It's really beautiful.

If you like it look up a song by him called Butterfly in the Breeze.

Next up is Alex. He writes fantastic upbeat songs with catchy melodies and a real British feel. As you can see from the video he likes the DIY approach. Is that a cardboard box as a drum?

I'd say the most artistic of the foursome is Tom, he can play more instruments than I can even imagine. And play them well. He also writes amazing poems and this is one of those poems along with music created entirely by him.

And finally Charlie! I'd be surprised if you haven't heard of Charlie Mcdonnell. He's a dab hand at the Ukulele.

(Yes, it's a song about Doctor Who.)

This is the proper recorded version -


That's a massive ramble no one will read. But at least when they're famous I can point people here and say I told you so.

Haha, I'm subscribed to Charlie! I'm gonna check his band out at some point soon.

I might sound stupid for asking, but what is a Rec'r?

And I'll check out the artists :)
It comes from 'Records' in Cherrytree Records. It's basically what the users of this community call themselves for short haha!

Hope you like the artists, i'm listening to your tracks on Purevolume. :)
Yay, I get to be a rec'r! XD Thank you for listening to my music!

Have you ever heard Dakota Suite? Im not sure if its a person or group, but its incredibly beautiful music. Kind of sad sounding, but very nice.
Just checked them out, their music's really beautiful although I agree, it's really sad sounding!
I love your SN, by the way. It reminds me of when Lady Gaga says "cherry cherry boom boom" in Eh, eh. Now everytime I see it I sing Mari Mari boom boom in my head, lol.
Haha, 'Cherry Cherry Boom Boom' is the producer name of Martin who owns Cherrytree Records. He's pretty awesome.
Dang, I need to catch up on my Cherrytree knowledge! As a side note, if we keep replying to each others reply, how far to the left will they shift? I thought about just replying to the thread instead of the reply, but I couldnt bring myself to break the combo, XD
Haha, you should pop into the chat sometime, it's where everyone gets to know everything.

And I have no idea how far to the right it will go! :)
I know this sounds stupid, but sometimes I get nervous chatting in real time XP I did the other day though, and it was really fun. Maybe ill start off lurking...

Still just my little thread.


C'mon guys!


If there's any Tokio Hotel fans out there I think you'll like the Russian band Kit-i. Kit-i formed in 2007, and released their first single, После дождя (After the Rain) in 2009. Осень (Autumn) and Выпускной (Graduation) soon followed. There are four members, Grisha RADUGA, Pasha Skitls, Sonya Fink, and Sergey Juice.


I pretty much fell in love with this song (After the Rain) a few years ago and it still sounds awesome.



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