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I'm not sure how many Rec'rs visit the forum as most of us like to blabber away in the chatroom but I thought this would be a fun idea.

I love hearing new music or music by unsigned or not so well known artists and I know a lot of others do to, especially when those artists are extremely talented! I thought we could all do with a thread for sharing those little pearls found in the big blue sea.

At the moment my favourite unsigned act are two scruffy scamps from England called Fran and Josh. I can't describe their music - and neither can they. It's a sort of summer pop/flamenco/reggae acoustic guitar thing they have going on and if anyone can play an acoustic guitar it's them. Josh's songwriting ability just sweeps me away.

Josh was one of the cast on a MTV UK show called Living on The Edge, a sort of UK version of The Hills so they have a little interest already as it followed the band to a certain extent as they were beginning out.

If you like your music light, catchy and mesmerising to watch then I think they could be your new favourite act.

Here's their promo vid, the song starts just after a minute in. 

And yes, one day they'll be huge.

Mari Boom Boom.

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If you like listening to unsigned, new, fresh music then listen to this.



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