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One-year I think always kind of surprised by the job tasks that we will delete the installation work is not easy use a little bit slow and you got to do what’s needed and necessary to get the job done looking at technical opportunity here you might be looking Native garcinia cambogia into like a managerial position yeah I mean there's a.m. firstly I hope to get a job and mien whatever here it's good to know like you watch a lie harm white one of my biggest complaint through the years have been like a certain jobs wired visited by the people that you now sell them and they won't notice I push up trial of Sheetrock are sometimes it could be poured concrete and you now we're going to a certain situations world tell expected to put a speaker like this it will poured concrete steel like you know come on young away obviously did look at the job scope it out South you know be straight Dada you know what that would be like one of the best things planned up in management of year it was clear to me today working which aunt that there's not perfect communication between the salespeople in our tech force when I get back to the office that's something that I will address immediately page let's go into next this process been much more I'll for me that I actually thought it was going to be I know our company successful but after working with Lela and John I'm realizing that I've been so focused on the bottom line that I haven't realized the problems our employees face to make their jobs more difficult these people give their heart and soul to move media on a daily basis we need to do a better job support d I'm here at the Planet Fitness in Atlanta Georgia and I will be working with one of our installers to you a closed-circuit security system install my first install Java john was putting in one of the most traditional products however we install a lot more just background music systems digital sign its products enclosed-circuit security.

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