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How do I make Cherrytree aware of good new artists signed to Universal labels in other countries in the world??  You did get Ellie Goulding from the UK, and she's phenomenal, but there are some others which I'm not sure if you guys are aware of but should be and should go after.

One is new Polydor UK artist Clare Maguire, she's a little like Kate Bush and is very mature and exciting...her debut album, "Light After Dark" drops in the UK on 2/28 and you should go after her for the US...I see MAD potential.

Another is UK new wave/powerpop band Everything Everything, signed to Geffen/Polydor UK...a little like XTC in their prime, very exciting.

Also, 2 UK girlgroups...the Saturdays and Girls Aloud...the Saturdays are huge and THE girlgroup to beat in England right now...they are offshoots of S Club Juniors who grew up and became S Club 8.  As for Girls Aloud, they are the most successful girlgroup the UK has ever produced and even made the Guinness Book of World Records for most successful reality group and has a record of 20 straight top 10 singles in the UK, from 2002 to 2009...the Girls are on hiatus and member Cheryl Cole released 2 solo albums which did very well, 2009's "3 Words", produced by Will.I.Am, and her most recent, 2010's "Messy Little Raindrops".  "3 Words" was supposed to be released in the US on Interscope in 2010 but never happened.  There were 3 big singles on there too.  What about "Messy"??  It has yet to happen, there are 2 big singles on there now, the #1 "Promise This" and the new ballad "The Flood"...Cheryl SHOULD get a shot at US success...people do love her in America, all she needs is a shot, and Cherrytree could be a good home for Cheryl and Girls Aloud's's selling well on US iTunes apparently, and people are excited it's available that way now.

I always look at Universal's foreign signings, check them out and judge who would be a good fit for Cherrytree and US exposure.  Always. 

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Thanks Larry.  You should send all new artist info to [email protected]
Ok Tony...will do...but will I get feedback??  I'd love to be the relayer of UK/foreign talent signed to Universal labels worldwide to Cherrytree's attention...that could be my specialty...
For things like that you should contact someone over at Cherrytree directly - Martin, Andrea, Scott or Kelvin.

What about this talent right here? How is this not a hit song??? Not good enough??





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