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Discussion forum for Natalia Kills new web series "Love, Kills xx". New episodes will go up every Monday at 5pm PDT. Watch Episode 4 below and discuss! Let us know what you think.


Click here to watch all the previous episodes.

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I thought it was phenomenal, loved it and can't wait for episode 2 :)
fantastic! i loved it! i'm looking forward the episode 2 ;-)
Perfect work! Natalia has many sides. She's really artist and I can't wait for episode 2 and other work from her <3 :)
I think Natalia's voice is just fantastic and the music in the background...WIIICKED!!!! I cannot wait for Episode 2 baabay!!
I want more.
Episode 2 will be coming out on Monday at 5pm! Same time and place every week. Can't wait for episode 2. This was phenomenal. :)
ohhh snappp wickeeeddd... man i still cant beilive that this the samechick vurbz ...sooo cool how peeps change still dopeeee AF
today will be episode 2??

or when

i realy cant wait

i love natalia
this video is aboslutely amazing!! be sure to follow @KillsNews for the last updates on Natalia Kills!
Stunning! And more... 8)
Where's the chat you're Tweeting about, rinow, Natalia?!? I want to say "hi". Haha. :-P PS-Dear God, where is your damn album???
the beginning of ep. 2 was so provocative and sexy! i love this :)



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