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 The bar is gonna get heavier and my back and Mike Jenkins lead the way 400 kilograms is now the target for me Terry much by Laos and MSPs on the cost side this is a really important left Terry body on get back has seized up eventually time type in this competition and his best remains 370 believe me the bar is gonna get heavier and Tamie for kilos Hollings normally a training wage but I think it was hurting when he went down in didn't really make an effort this competition and indeed this event the deadly means do you have frustrating waist’s about what you did in the deadlight I'm is really frustrating all injured my back a few weeks ago the Bruins and I'm is just a sign same injury just goalie worse sees very frustrating for me know in the you know $400k does usually for me is available what makes you know to be honest ace is normally very comfortable lift on one as soon as I did the first let them know something was very wrong you know obviously I'll very frustrated and you know way from gonna be out in the next two events knowledge in all gonna troll obviously but 'me the ACC a song called you know you're lucky sorbents national life me again the it always preps maybe not with him across but you know I did Johnson and now it's all set me back a long while is probably outrage just have to keep coming back for a few more years terry my girl might be a ill I'm you have ingoing to be around for a while meanwhile last achieve 100 kilograms second in the final last year then be on soon with a new Icelandic 100 kilos things are looking good the man Jenkins he got kilogram bits good layup show rock-solid upon you would certainly go higher the greatest miscast to haunt here we go by is higher the place after three events he points behind the leader: really as close as the top Sean’s investors watching Johnson is a good left originate this bus past by twenty kilos and you make it the first time make it second time gives Maxman Power up there yes certainly be on Sun a good left that at Mauna Kea those remains his best looks a little bit injected walking away just me he does as a big jump to 420 were going hide because we want to get world record potentially that would be over 40 homes kilos but at a slow speak down in seventh place it's not sufficient events to make up the difference Mike Jenkins he achieved 400 that was in your lifetime best the main decided to call out said all the ha-ha top con he's not gonna try it again as a Norway best kilograms the same as Jenkins setting not in the shape than he was last year the best I've seen him dead before thesis 410 gave it a good effort but not pass the knees on he say guys gonna stop interesting at this stage the watching once this and so to speak service yes could be the best dad left in the wild equally so good Brian Shaw strongest called was incredible as soon as it came offend Jack rocketed up.

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