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Hi to all the new Tokio Hotel fans who have signed up her at Cherrytree!

Shameless plugs:
Official Tokio Hotel USA Fanclub

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Following and joining is LOVE.

Okay, while we wait, we decided to have a mini giveaway.

What will we giveaway?

Oooh. And four 4x6 photos of whichever band member you like best. And a keychain of that band member.

UPDATE: And a Humanoid Sticker and a Cherrytree pin!

So, what are the rules?

Well, because of costs, we can only ship this within the USA, so if you win, we need a USA address to mail it to. Thanks for understanding that right now, any extra funds are going to buy extra Humanoids and the cost to ship overseas = a Humanoid.

Simply post a comment here in this forum. Only one comment will be entered to win, so if you spam 99 times, we will still count one, but spam away if you must. Heh. All entries posted by 11:59 PM ET on Sunday October 18th are eligible to win. We will do a random drawing.

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just so you know... my favorite is Tom :)
That notebook looks sooooo amazing *.* <3
Thanks for all your hard work and dedication to the cause. :) We need to spread the word. And if you get the chance check out my review/interpretation of Humanoid. It is a song by song review/interpretation.
wow, this is cool. :D I wish I could see them in NYC! I live riiiiight there, but I can't go. :(
Awesome! Another contest for my favorite band! Maybe this time..I might be picked :DD Im all into entering these things now haha Its kind of addicting!
Awesome, this counts as a post right? meaningless writing... :P
Das is sooo GEIL!!! I LOVE Tokio Hotel, and I would LOVE to win this prize! =D

Your website is the homepage for my computer :D

thank you so much for working so hard to give th fans all the information you do!

p.s. Ich Liebe Bill
A notebook AND a 4x6 photo?! AND a sticker and Chrrytree pin?! Awsome, thank you! I'll ask my son which member he wants a pic of, but I think he'll probably say the drummer, Gustov. He loves the drums!
oooh this is so great! i have been wanting that notebook forever!! thank you so much for doing this kind of stuff! it makes life so fun! i <3 cherrytree, you have so many great artists, plus TH who brought me here in the first place. cherrytree radio makes my life, i love you guys!
i hope i winnnn ! =)
Time for TH to come to Miami...



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