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Hi to all the new Tokio Hotel fans who have signed up her at Cherrytree!

Shameless plugs:
Official Tokio Hotel USA Fanclub

Our Twitter

Following and joining is LOVE.

Okay, while we wait, we decided to have a mini giveaway.

What will we giveaway?

Oooh. And four 4x6 photos of whichever band member you like best. And a keychain of that band member.

UPDATE: And a Humanoid Sticker and a Cherrytree pin!

So, what are the rules?

Well, because of costs, we can only ship this within the USA, so if you win, we need a USA address to mail it to. Thanks for understanding that right now, any extra funds are going to buy extra Humanoids and the cost to ship overseas = a Humanoid.

Simply post a comment here in this forum. Only one comment will be entered to win, so if you spam 99 times, we will still count one, but spam away if you must. Heh. All entries posted by 11:59 PM ET on Sunday October 18th are eligible to win. We will do a random drawing.

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i absolutely love TOKIO HOTEL their the best band in the world omg their music is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Tokio Hotel rocks!!!! I need a new keychain!!!!! Und that notebook looks pretty awesome!!!! XD
i love THA :D i go on the forum and check the site everyday! the majority of all things Tokio Hotel that i've learned is from THA! the fanclub, the forum, the admins, they're all AMAZING!
Ich liebe Tokio Hotel!!
Thanks Cherrytree for doing this for us! Having that notebook,photos,key chain, and (cherrytree pin =]
this will get them noticed a lot more, by bringing the notebbok to school, and wearing the pins, and puuting the photos in your binder. People will look at them and wonder who they are, and go look them up on the computer, or ask you who they are!! This is AWSOME!! thank you again for doing this!
(I'm happy even if I don't win, TH will get noticed more)!!!
I just walked for Breast Cancer and we were team Tokio Hotel!!!!! Woooo SAN DIEGO!!!!
I love Tokio Hotel! I want Bill! lol
You rock with giving Tokio Hotel info!
Niiice, wow, ahhhhh!!!! Just expressing the love for TH, :D. Woohoo, Yeah!!!! *and the crowd goes crazy*.
TH ROCKS!!!!Btw, Cherrytree rocks too, ROCK ON!!!
I neeeeeeeeeeeeeed that! =O
I really really really.... *2 hours later* really REALLY! hope I win =D
If I win I think I might have a fangirl-gasm xD
Anyway... Good luck to everyone and congrats to whoever wins =)
nom nom noms :)
yay! can't wait 'til the HUmanoid tour. ;)
I like this giveaway.
I want it :/



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