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what a brilliant stop from Mike Jenkins got into his stride 1cd powered away mister was quicker you to take in the win John next going to really make some impression on the leader board Brian Shaw used and fighting has made steady progress up the leader board however and Maxman Power Damascus sixth-place very unusual see down in that position so the former champion nearest the camera the reigning champion on the far side here we go and show off just got away as already defining moment the team first just show all running away from service SMS try to make an impression the is a phenomenal time service customers just fractions behind him that was unbelievable 14.16 cause miscast that is a classy performers Brian Shaw must be X with his way in be desperately trying to find out the time but he is the current leader my with two more men to go 1364 the new time service has tried his best to come back it’s all but he held his call the hell that phenomenal white over 20course one in the meantime his he must.

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