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Deadmau5 gettin ready to cue up his half-beat remix of "Dancing on My Own" bring the R-O-B.

Robyn blew a kiss to Deadmau5 after her blazin performance. She came, she saw, she danced on her own. Boom!

-is sobbing like a big freaking baby cuz robyn is just that dang epic-
How can one person convey so much emotion in just 10 sec's? (My heart is still racing!)
as long as I am not within 5 feet I am guaranteed not to drop anything..She did great and millions saw it.
Justin from Semi Precious Weapons kickin it with Lady Gaga.

Gaga Video of the year! YES!!!!
Lean back ... so we can take our own picture. Robyn rrrrocked the MTV Awards tonite with a quick but bad-@ss performance. Woop!

Robyn conveyed more in 10 sec. than Kanye did w/his 3 or 4 minutes.
I totally agree with you on that one!! :-)
absolutely agree 100%



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