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Tune in to here tonight at 6pm Pacific / 9pm Eastern time for Martin's Live Blog-By-Blog Commentary from the VMA's.

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Drum solo !!!
He threw one of his sticks out into the audience.
That freakin dj song by Usher is dope man. DJ's deserve their propers. Frankie Goes to Hollywood laser beams and 808 bass. G'head Urrrrrsher!
Will I Am's head gear is 2010 Devo New Traditionalists
I thought he was Grace Jones for a sec
Eminem opened the awards and then was like "Yo, peace. I gotta go play with Jay Z in New York. Here my forwarding address in case I win an award." Boom! Congrats on your award, Em.
love eminem much luck to his show!!!!
Gaga again! Woot!
Lady Gaga wins another. Congrats!

Wow, you have a great seat at the VMA's, Martin!!
Taylor Swift's got a nice living room. That chair's straight out of Masterpiece Theater.
No question Drake drippin' dopeness but that outfit's inspired by Ricky Ricardo. #PropsWherePropsDue.



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