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Martin's live blog-by-blog direct from The Grammys will be posted here in this topic. Lady Gaga, LMFAO, Robyn, Space Cowboy, Martin 'Cherry Cherry Boom Boom' Kierszenbaum, Tony Ugval, Robert 'Hitmixer' Orton and Red One are all nominated. Check out the full Cherrytree nominations below.

We wish everybody the best of luck at this years Grammys! The Grammy Awards start at 8pm ET/PT on CBS.

*This topic will remain locked until the start of Martin's Blog-By-Blog commentary. Once it begins the topic will be opened for discussion!

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Grammy time .... 5 minutes to air. Prepare to be Gaga-lectrified!
Just hung out with Sean Paul and Robert "Hit Mixer" Orton who mixed Sean's Grammy-nominated album. Sean Paul said "thanks for making me sound so good, Rob." A gentleman.
were you on the red carpet? we thought we saw red one!
Gaga and Elton. Pow!

My dad said the Grammy's to me is like the superbowl to him. Gotta rep my team!
For those keepin track, I'm chilled right by the round stage in the main center. Let the festivities begin.

Lady G didn't get the Grammy for song of the year but congratz to Tricky, The Dream and Kook. Happy for them.
Green Day goes Broadway. Can't wait to hear Dookie of Aquarius.
Gaga should have gotten that award! oh well! we're still reppin!!! :)
Red Foo and SkyBlu rockin fly as h+ll matching black Party Rock jackets.
So Martin- I know you're at the Grammy's right now, and I'mma let you finish- but your artists are the coolest- OF ALL TIME.
Man, Beyonce dress is amazing, and now shes breaking out the Alanis, woot I'm 14 again!



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