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whether you’re watching it live or whether you watching on the replay because there's an opportunity feed network is everybody's watching because they want to learn from this awesome and that we have tonight yes was charged ions I Twitter FAME hasn't been I ever since we announced now we are going to be talking to this man you now we'll be talking hip-hop music we’re talking about giving back to talk about education we talk about Lipo Slim motivation were talking about light 6 ask family once we get into a I know that everyone's going to bellowing up between here and that Google last the YouTube still makes you keep your comments going to be excited about pica gas I'm but before we get into that share just one noticed that today is June the third at six months since the year yet that’s pretty crazy and I'm like going nuts over this like my gosh six months into the year he ask about me let me just posted something on our Face book page on June 1st for Sunday and it was basically like where are you in your goals for this year you at the beginning of the year everyone was with you know declaring all these resolutions had peace plan but where are you now and I know that you know you as a social media.

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