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It's great for mom and dad to so I think that already a lot of these folks have approach me or we've approached them today we really want to partner with you we want to promote what you already have an existence and we want to Native garcinia cambogia expand upon we have a group of people who who are really you know making moves and-so already partnerships have informing and you're right building up on a lot of what's already in place antitheses amazing communities is is half you know my job to sell anti-they've been real opportunities book is particularly around the building-I'll the Veterans Memorial Middle School rose and now with probably in a couple yesteryear Gavin from an online facilities thing and now Rosalind athletic fieldsmen read on and track was removed it wasn't forgotten and a walking track incorporate into the design the field the global field redesign and with Bakersfield doings work turnaround fields in addition to do middle schooled real-opportunities take that next step in to make I think think I guess what I'm thinking-is we have to start thinking the lake is-recreations schools education resources that they're-all really community resources start to think about it that way build-them into can global around wellness and fitness make great strides not necessarily spending a lot extra dollars exactly.

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