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On behalf of all fans of the fan club .... (Here we'll insert the name of the other fan club that will decide to be present)

Already for a long time we knew because of bad behavior by some fans make the boys angry and living under stress.

What happened on the evening of April 14 in Hamburg is not acceptable. We arrive at incidents of threatening and stalking, persecution, violence against family and friends of the boys.

Tom has unfortunately succumbed to anger, we all fans active in the THItalia FanClub (..... Here we'll insert the name of the other fan club that will decide to be present ) we believe it is normal that things could happen ... since a boy like Tom, at its age can not live his life like any other just because it makes music and he's a nice guy? Unfortunately, many fans have no respect for the band and now the boys arrived at the straits.

We want to publicly say to Tom and the rest of the band: We are at your side! We hope that soon all systems will! We have the fingers crossed for you hoping that such incidents are not repeated anymore. We support the band and we are absolutely against stalking a shameful practice that violates the human rights of these guys and those who live around them



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here is a video made froman italian fan.

Please sign the petition 'Against stalkerazzi' if you're against those people who disturb TOKIO HOTEL

Get more information on

If you know these girls or have other materials please send an e-mail to:
[email protected], the runners of the site stay in contact with police!

a group of stalker fighters created on!
Put this (gif) image on all upcoming Tokio Hotel stalkerazzi photos!Thanks.
Tom the fans are here for u and true fans should respect you guys privacy and leave you all alone when your all home you guys give so much of yourselves to us fans that we as fans should respect you guys privacy. And guys dont get stressed your fans are doing there best to help you all through this and also because we dont think its right Tokio Hotel Forever and that wont change.



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