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i have some Demo and need to send for audition with cherrytree record how i can send?

hello to Cherry tree


i've some Demo of song that my friend composed,and play any instruments by himself and i want to ask for the cherrytree record need the demo? it's would be nice if i can send to your company


my friend he be "the one man brand" play any instruments,composed and have some tour around UK for 2 years ago,i'm his friend and see how he so talented! and his song style is Alternative, Rock, Blues, Punk, Funk, Ska, Soul & Hip Hop and i will be appreciated to sending DEMO to cherrytree record company 


please give the email for contact 



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The best way is to put it up on here on your Cherrytree Page or put it on facebook/myspace/youtube and send a link to [email protected]

thank you so much for reply it make me so appreciated,so i will send the link to cherrytree's email :)


Best regard,




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