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I think the new look of bill will be a bit rude, and completely different. what do you think?

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Hmm i like it. For my new hair Bill is cool, really. But ... this isn't important how Bill look. For my of course. U know so many fans like Tokio Hotel bacause love Tom or Bill, Gustav Georg... this is sooo s***! I can't understand it! Sooo.. Bill don't worry what other people say. Leb die Sekunde!
In the begin its was weird. But now i kinda like it. And Bill will always stay hot ! No matther how he dresses or how he does his hair or make-up. He'sAlwaysHot ! He's a verii special boy ! And i like it that he doing what he likes he doesn't look what other people think of him. He's THE bill kaulitz <3
LoveBillsVoiice <3
BillKaulitzFürImmer !
I love him anyway
you have absolutely right, I think like you, ANGELIKA
I like if the twins can have the same look....
Bill and Tom with beautiful dreads! ^_^
i like him for his voice and personality, and his his look doesnt matter as much as the voice and personality. For the hair... well, whatever is on Bill looks awesome, so im glad as long as he's Bill :D I think that Tokio Hotel fans will support them through everything, because Tokio Hotel deserves it x] they've gone so far already, and will go further, get better, be awesomer[...etc], and they've kept us entertained and having more then enough but still wanting more the entire time :D
I don't care to much about he's look though...'cause in any way Bill alway will look perfect...I really think four of them are going to change a bit their looks for the new album...obviously Bill is the one who will chage the most...I'm sure all about the new cd is going to be great...the looks, the music, everything....Ich liebe TH!!!
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