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You are frustrated with dr. I 18 if you are considering both parks before you tried ethical in for a consultation for Botox gift this product a child I'm going to tell you a little bit about how this product works okay so help so I actually kind of um cheat this getting from the surface of the skin today inside a in it deeper layers up atop okay so um loll actually penetrate your skin to really hope plump your skin to rejuvenate your skin anti-family stop increases I production of collagen so that your skin on Saturday looks I younger I of Fame looking that way I'm sold basically up the system includes a three-step a routine all just like you should be doing Aktive AM already with your skin care routine is you should be using 8 claims that so it comes with a pair of lot purifying cleansing gel salt.

You can use that as yet on air or you can use that as your plans today anyone on the face wash it both that that's then you want to use that age defying them okay so this is your treatment stops he definitely one up like this on all over your face around the mall and that look like all email to s because those are the areas that I usually Poland to aging quite cool I'll so you want to imply that every now and then you want to feel that treatment n with your Aktive AM and we can use this Wed I a time or at cell a year it says while it locks in moisture with Matt no time with these technologies.

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