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Some that lower bowel or a curling a lower-body I'll especially hey bar the more difficult to exercise are well within your range okay guys this is where stars it good this 10 percent by that rage right here thesis what we're talking about okay definitely you got visible at this point GP it do a little bit more you think there’s still some room for prove it and that's a good thing because you’re right if your goals are to yet are really resent the fact that you’re going to have to get lower than 10 percent by that but here's where we sort have cell new techniques right as in the right light is what I say thesis the guy said I can see a when I'm in a room with all shadows but when I go out there like. Nobody is you have the more at the beach I what we have to focus here on guys by actually at this point we talk about intrusion I said here she meals days right I don't believe it she days guys Ideally don't know if you'd like it to happen as you're talking about playing darts anyway play darts all I have to do it's a order to be able to hit the ballot right Alpha Max Plus hit the wall and come close to the people around them they're not good our players if I should be play well the guys that can play darts you basically just read report if you just want the hammers are clear but if you want to with at darts.

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