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I'm very happy that she did yeah because Grow xl she approaches a minute and confronts mesas that this is cyber bullying this is the crime this is Ming you need to do something about and I loved the recess to like I have to be humiliated so we can teach everyone a lesson about cyber bullying to you as well it yeah but feel like she could hear you're already humiliated rate so you might as well she could have gone a little bit deeper in a rapidly already humiliated so yes yeah I to prevent other people from being a million advocates Rd you've already been cyber bully right that has happened right you've already been humiliated yet this has been all over the school day so we might as well bring some good atilt right pan yes she's a good mom she's either either that out of course she's a really good mom we he that all the time being every time nationally m it does something year sheep she backed the first time and yet there's no consequence on but she's always there for San always there to protect her son as we see later in the episode or even a thing I was going to say we definitely see your do it when he goes to confess to principal rose before he comes in Matthew shows him a photo which we have.

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