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Tokio Hotel Italian Fan Club, is distancing itself from all those fans who harassed the Tokio Hotel, their employees or their relatives in this way. On our website and forum are not stolen images that violate the privacy of the same.

We express our disagreement with this type of action, and hopefully in a more correct fandom. At the bottom are just 4 guys with the desire to make music. Respect for their work. Thank you.

As you know, in recent days there are new pictures of Tokio Hotel, shot by fans on the sites.
[x US nothing photos of the guys... no doubt have seen elsewhere]

Outside the study, the situation is disastrous. More than 5 cars have clashed in front of the house and the surrounding areas and about 20 fans mounted has the curtains to see if you managed to get a better picture of Tom and his new hairstyle. They had also planned to spend there holiday of Passover. Neighbors have called the police several times.

Some fans have caused damage to the fence surrounding the house, trying to access the study. It seems that Bill is much under pressure because of all this is rumor that has given vent to stress tears.
There are cameras recording from throughout the private and the police asked that the fans should keep a safe distance from fences. The cameras were installed that controls a radius of 20 meters. All this to understand that he is gone a little 'too far.


what do you think? °_°

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Honestly, the behavior disgusts me. Sure, I anticipate their new album and seeing their new looks as much as the next fan. But to go so such lengths, to invade on their privacy and violate their rights just to get a sneak peak? It's just going too far. And? It's hurting other people, like the wrecks and property damage.

I think the fans should just leave them alone.
Aw :( Its so sad how the guys are constantly surrounded by other people and have no privacy :S
i think its wrong of the fans ya we all want to c wat his hair looks like big deal that dont meen u stalk them they will come when they r ready give them space we dont want them to feel stressted or up set in any way we r fans we want to help them not hurting one another and i agree with everything Rhonda Hylton said

Tokio-Hotel-guitarist: Investigation
The guitarist of the band Tokio Hotel, Tom Kaulitz, is at a gas station in Hamburg when a female fan comes. The 21-year-old raises the musician to her a punch in the face to have moved, as the police announced on Thursday. The woman, accompanied by four friends, had in his car sitting Kaulitz detected and according to his own sentiment against the wheel knocked order of the 19-year-olds to have a picture. According to the woman Kaulitz let the disc down and says "no" with his hand with a cigarette she takes his burning cigarette, and turn it off the glass of the car. Subsequently, the 19-year-old dropped out and they've beaten. The woman suffered a large swelling under the eye and called the police. With their arrival Kaulitz had already driven them, so that officials could not initially interviewed.


We don't believe that Tom can do this kind of things. But we think too, that their privacy MUST BE PROTECT.
Take a picture is not wrong, but if the picture can make trouble to the artist who is living his private life, and he doesn't need to be snapped in a pic, WE MUST RESPECT. we are really sad for this kind of behaviour
Tokio Hotel Italia FC
Wow, the fans have gone way too far ._."

a group of stalker fighters created on!
Put this (gif) image on all upcoming Tokio Hotel stalkerazzi photos!Thanks.
i can't believe ppl r like that it scares me to think that ppl go to such lenths that they would go & disturb ppl that don't want to be disturbed.
Only a true fan knows that they deserve their privacy Tom should not be dealing with this nor should the rest of the guys If he did do it,(not that he did) to me the girl deserved it when they are home that is their time to be with friends and family and they give so much of themselves to the fans while they are on the road they need the me time for themselves when they are home. So I support you guys as a true fan and know that you guys will prevail.



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