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This is my melodramatic goodbye to one of my favorite bands,Cinema Bizarre. Now that a black h*** has opened up and swallowed my world,I thought i sould say,"You Suck,reality.I'm going back to bed*insert very rude hand gesture*. Oh and if TH even thinks about breaking up...I'm jumping off a bridge."*sticks tongue out at universe* if any one else would like to say a few words please do so

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You said it all bb, you said it all XD

I'll miss them :(

But life goes's all about the memories you make (:
that sucks but like you said if tokio hotel ever did break up witch i dout.i could not servive! i thought Cinema Bizarre. where so good to gether its ashame good telllent gone to wast.
I hate that they disbanded before being as famous as they deserve!!! That's the worst part for me. And I will miss them of course... Does anyone know why exactly they came up with this decision?
"You Suck,reality." IKR?! Blah. I still cant believe it -.- Oh well. We will always remember them in our hearts, always.
When I first heard they were breaking up, I cried for an hour. But now that's out of my system, I'm hoping that they will get back together one day.

You never know, Blink 182 got back together. Maybe CB will too.

*crosses fingers*



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