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 Girls 10 show the price to murder last class then press sorrow the right now the ladies are about to go on stage so I'm going with them tax a good pumped up about 10 minutes before the United States which is up what are the main important factors on shown your physique on stage to give masculine get the most harder to get build-up to the Superior Test X   judges arable to see the rounds the corner so their muscle soothe pop-up stage is one of the most important so we're going right out there now have a series of exercises I'm going to take the ladies through the shoulder press the triceps kickbacks bicep curls the squash career now flies much espresso that they can show their p**** in the best manner that they cannot stage doing actually thank you may hear yak more time actually think or what happened few times you to relax for a few years done do you mean to be judging you tighten it up stay harm whole time first roundup their dispersion minister ship back tonight love I psychological breakthrough play with me you know sup this delay to fan and I'm excited I'm glad to .

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