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Hi All,

Big news! Check it out. To have a chance to get a pair of passes to Tokio Hotel's appearance on the Alexa Chung show at MTV in New York City on Octobert 19th, you have to be between 15 and 25 years old (MTV rule) and post a reply to the following question under this Cherrytree Records forum topic.

In 200 words or less, what's your favorite song on the Humanoid album and why?

4 people (1 pair of tickets each) will be picked from the entries. Please remember that you have to be a member of able to make your own way to the MTV studios.

Good luck,
The Cherrytree Gang

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After buying all three versions of Humanoid, and listening to the entire album, I would have to say that my favorite song is World Behind My Wall. From the first listen, I knew that this would be my favorite. I love how it can be considered "New Tokio Hotel" yet it still is reminiscent of their earlier work. I feel like the lyrics are very meaningful and beautiful, and the chorus, with the overlapping of the vocals, makes the song that much more powerful. A lot of people can relate to the feelings of isolation and having your own world, like Bill sings about in the song.
Wow! What a difficult decision. My favorite song is actually the bonus track offered on the Itunes version of Humanoid entitled "Down on You". What an amazing song. The first time I listened to it my jaw actually dropped-- I was speechless. It took a great deal of effort to pause the song and ring my friend to share news of my fabulous discovery! It's a rare moment I think when a song can completely transform your surroundings-- from doing homework alone in your room to your own personal dance party! The thing I love most about "Down on You" is the feeling it brings me. Complete carefree happiness and contentment. I'm still having trouble getting the smile off my face : ) Many thanks to Tokio Hotel for giving me the perfect rock-out sing-a-long song that's certain to be a staple for my morning commute to school! Beautiful lyrics- strong vocals, an incredible sound, and an overall unstoppable beat! Excuse me while I go dance to it again.... : )
My favorite song from Humanoid is definitely Human Connect to Human. I think it's just such a powerful song about love and passion, and every time I listen to it I envision a girl and a guy dancing in a very hot way, where they're just so attracted to each other and can't help themselves, sort of like love at first site, and they're like magnets. I also love Bill's voice because it's so powerful in this song and during some parts of the song his voice is so sexy and mysterious. Please Please Please let me win the tickets!!! I already emailed Alexa but the tickets are all gone and I lost all hope =[[
My fav Tokio Hotel Humanoid song is Alien. I love this song because it is really true sometimes your do wonder who you really are. Who the person next to you really is. When you feel like your not yourself there is someone who still reminds you of yourself. Also of course, the music is beautiful and Bill's voice is powerfully driven.
My favorite song on the Humanoid album is "Automatic" I loved it as soon as I heard it and it has been my favorite ever since. I love the energy in the song and the message that it gives. I like it because it is very different from all of Tokio Hotel's songs and I also love the video and thought it turned out really cool. The whole idea of the song "Automatic" and everything about it makes it an awesome song that I never get tired of hearing, much like the rest of Tokio Hotel's songs. I can just listen to them all day and love them more and more.
Without any doubt in my mind, Kampf der Liebe/Pain of Love is my favorite song off of Humanoid. With every time that I listen to it, I find yet another reason to adore and appreciate it. The layering of the vocals; Bill's voice so deep and dark, especially in the English version, contrasted with the softer, higher vocals in the background. The raw emotion that comes across in it, especially in the German version. They way that the theme is carried out throughout both the lyrics and the music; the military style diction along with the marching tempo, and of course the drum roll---which I might pick as my favorite part, if I was asked. The persistent beat, thrumming instruments, driving synth, emphatic electronic effects, and dynamic vocals together form one of the most perfectly executed and painfully catchy songs that I have ever heard. It is impossible for me to listen to this song without putting on my headphones and turning it up LOUD. Every element comes together in such perfect harmony that it resonates with my soul. These two hundred words are hardly enough room for me to explain how deeply I adore this song.
My favorite song off Tokio Hotel's new album is World Behind My Wall. This song is my favorite because it sounds like the lyrics are about learning and finding who you are and are expressing how not everyone feels the same and views things the same way as everybody else and how you should be ok with that and take the time to just get to know how you feel about the world, how you view certain things and different aspects, and for me, someone in my early teens, I'm still trying to find myself, I'm still experimenting and learning and this song makes me feel better about who I am, that I can't be and I don't have to be like others. That I'm a unique person. Also I feel like sometimes when I listen to this song that the lyrics are also about how one is feeling and how no one is understanding them but one day it will be ok, it just might take some time, so this song reassures me of that.
Asking me to choose one song off of “Humanoid” as my favorite is like asking me to choose which one of my limbs I’d like to cut off. However, for the sake of winning tickets to It’s On with Alexa Chung, I’d probably choose “Love & Death.” Simply because it’s a fun song to drive to. There’s this insanely long street that I drive down every day when I go to school that’s just lined with farms, corn fields and pumpkin patches now that it’s October. It takes about 6 minutes to drive down so I always turn on “Love & Death.” The part where Bill hit’s the high “with my heartttt!” is my favorite. I always roll down the window, step on the gas and scream “with my hearttt!” down the road. It’s like a rush, simply amazing and always starts the day off nicely.

P.S. I do not encourage breaking the speed limit, it’s 50 on that street and 50 is just enough of a rush for me ;)
My favorite song on the Humanoid album would have to be Zoom into Me. The melody of the piano combined with the sounds of what seems to be a spacecraft flying through space, as well as Bill's soft voice really gives the song a strong sense of emotion, of longing for something that always seems just out of reach. It takes the emotional connection to a deeper and more intimate level with the fans and gives us an insight to who Tokio Hotel is at the heart.

Overall I think the album is great and appreciate the guys for being who they are as artists and as individuals. Looking forward to hearing them live! Much <3
"Human Connect to Human" is by far my favorite track on the new Tokio Hotel album because I like the fact that its about indulging in human nature and embracing your animalistic instincts. ;-) The lyrics of this song just scream "TAKE MY CLOTHES OFF... GENTLY!" hahahahaHA Not only does this song touch me in ways I want to be touched, but it also shows how much the band has grown and musically matured. They've really come so far since their first album and have really shown their abilities as artists.
Cherrytree Gang, let us "connect" with Tokio Hotel. ;-)

-Courtney Jay & Sharon Escamilla
I think "Hey You" is the best song on the album because it's catchy and I just love how bill sings the song. I also like the effects in it, too. bill's voice echoes throughout the song, and that's something new and different from them. I also relate to the song, because of high school right now. It's a good song to dance to, and if your really stressed from a hard day from school/work, this song would be great to relieve the stress.
I'm in LOVE with the song Automatic.
I even know the german lyrics, Automatisch haha
It's such a romantic song yet it's a sad song.
Saying there's no real loving that other person because
the girl is basically saying automatic words.
Saying things will get better but they never.
They say it's like electric and a machine.
He loves her but he doesn't know if he should still believe.
I love that song so much. It's so catchy too.
And the video is so unique and amazing with the robots<3

I think we all have felt this way atleast once in our lives.
:) Hehe and I absolutely love Tokio Hotel's new album!
Throughout the years, they keep getting better and better :)

````Yolie :D AUTOMATISCH<3



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